Logseq Times 2023–04–01: Logseq 0.9, Whiteboards, Query Builder, workflows and new plugins

Ed Nico
11 min readApr 1
  • Free Whiteboards
  • Query Builder
  • Vision and goals being prepared for sharing
  • Logseq App Updates

You would think this is some kind of April fool’s day prank — nope, just another week in the world of Logseq.

After spending a month on the road or in airports / planes, my realisation of an offline first Tool for Thought has been reaffirmed. No need to worry about having a connection / no connection, needing to download files first, and / or sync conflicts. I could open my laptop, read and write notes as I desired and be at peace.

With all this fooling around, let’s see what Logseq had up its sleeve for us of late.

Logseq News

  • Of course, the big announcement — Logseq Whiteboards being available to everyone for free. And of course, the new query builder (great video here by Bas talking us through it).
  • A cool thing about the latest @logseq release is that the two new major features, whiteboard and query builder, also work on free, published graphs. What does this mean?
  • From the Team “We recognize the importance of clear communication and are committed to improving the conceptual model to help users better understand Logseq’s core concepts and features (check out design for occasional sneak peeks of WIP). Our team is also working on a vision document, which we’ll share with the community soon for your review and input. This document will provide more transparency on our short-term and long-term plans for Logseq.”
  • Version 0.2.0 of https://github.com/logseq/rdf-export, a github action and CLI for exporting to RDF, was released! This release adds support for exporting down to the block level and config options to allow rdf exports to be fed to LLMs. See https://github.com/logseq/rdf-export/blob/main/CHANGELOG.md#020 for more
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