LogseqTimes 2023–07–15: Logseq Updates, Learn Logseq, Media Library, Queries, Kanban, Performance Metrics, Hits and tips, DB Version Merge and more

Ed Nico
8 min readJul 15

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the latest LogseqTimes. Today my better half and I had a bit of an aviary situation. This morning a poor-looking pigeon was hanging out on our balcony. It looked parched and that it was suffering from the heat (it is about 45 degrees C), so we gave it some corn and a container of cold water in a nice shaded area to see if it would find its wings again. So far, it has bathed in the container and seems to be getting better. Hopefully, when the sun goes down and the temperature cools a bit, he will be on his way again.

With the pigeon on the mend, let’s see what Logseq had in store for us this week.

Learn Logseq → Getting Started Demo Graph for Beginners — Download Link

Candide shared an amazing post with us in the forum.

“I recently led a workshop where I talked about how I used Logseq as part of my creative thesis work, and created a demo graph for participants to play around with to learn Logseq.”

The demo graph covers the following:

  • blocks
  • pages
  • internal links & references
  • graphs
  • formatting (text, headings, links, flashcards, TODOs, media embeds, queries, tables, org mode alerts, drawing)
  • advanced tips and tricks
  • my favourite plugins
  • working with media files: embed audio, photos, videos
  • publishing your graph online

You can access the demo graph here: https://github.com/candideu/Logseq-Demo-Graph/archive/refs/heads/main.zip

Media / Reference Library

ElGatoPanzon continues to share his great work with an image / media reference library.

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