LogseqTimes 2023–11–25: Logseq 0.10.0, Sync, Logseq to Apple Reminders, Logseq & Obsidian, Updated Plugins and much more

Ed Nico
8 min readNov 25, 2023

Hi Everyone,

This week, we had an abundance of sports. First, Italy (thankfully) scraped it through to qualify for the next Euro. Las Vegas had the F1, which after quite a disastrous start, the race was a joy to watch (poor Checo though, or what a pass by Leclerc) and this week, we have my adopted country’s F1 in Abu Dhabi, not to mention the mighty Fulham against Wolves. Oh yes, and of course, we had that whole AI soap opera which was like seeing two adolescents — will they, won’t they get together?

Anyway, let’s put that and the turkey and cranberry sauce aside (Happy Thanksgiving for those who celebrate it) and see what Logseq was up to this week.

Logseq Release

Although not yet released, I am led to believe that the latest Logseq Version of 0.10.0 is imminent and will include the following:


  • A new search (cmd-k)
  • Design enhancements including the ability to set an “Accent color” from Settings


  • Added new translations and tutorials for Brazilian Portuguese.
  • remove the need to add a space to trigger search command
  • export asset ref link as dataset value for the pdf asset
  • polish accent color details



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