LogseqTimes 2023–12–09: Logseq Updates, Logseq vs Obsidian, Database, Busy Professional Note Takers, Quick Capture, All Pages, Plugins and More

Ed Nico
4 min readDec 8, 2023

Hi Everyone,

With another week gone by, I am happy to say that we find each other together again for the latest post on Logseq Times.

Lots of great content was posted by the community, so let’s get to it.

Logseq Release

Logseq Beta version 0.10.1 was released which addresses some bugs introduced by the latest New Search update.

You can download the latest desktop and Android app from here.

Logseq Updates In Detail

@Bas / Tools on Tech provides us with a video where he goes through the changelog and talks about new features, bugs fixed and overall gives thoughts on 0.10.0

Logseq / Obsidian

The forever mentioned question — which note taking app to use? In this video, Alan Young gives his two cents about a topic that has come up frequently in the comments — which should you choose? Obsidian or Logseq?

Moving to Logseq…

Sticking with the above theme, user posts:

Somewhat reluctantly moving to Logseq…

I love Obsidian. But I kept finding that with my project management workflows and need for a more comprehensive document management system my Obsidian was getting messy and disorganised.

I saw a video on Logseq’s namespace function that intrigued me, then checked it out and love the block referencing and journal features.

There’s a lot that I don’t like so far, I hope that Obsidian can introduce namespaces and potentially an option to prioritise blocks over prose. I think i’ll move straight back if they do.



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