Tana.inc — Questions I would like to know more about.

Ed Nico
4 min readJan 30, 2024

Hi everyone,

I had a bit of downtime this morning, so thought I would list out a few questions that came to mind on Tana that hopefully the Tana team can address in the near future.

I appreciate some of these have been touched on in the couple of Ask Me Anything (AMA) carried out by the team and there are snippets of information available online, but there is nothing concrete.

So here goes:

1. Monetisation / Business Plans

I would like to know more about the monetisation / business plans of Tana for the coming year and years. Obvisouly if we are going to pour our heart and soul in Tana we want to make sure it will be around in the future which leads me to ask:

  • How is the app / team keeping itself sustainable? The Tana team includes a large number of members so how are they keeping themselves sustainable?
  • How much runway is available? Similar to the above, did the Tana team get an injection of funds to get up and running — where are we at with those funds? Is there the need to think of a top up, at what cost will this some?
  • When is it likely that pricing will come into force? Tied into the above, we know that USD 10 / month has been quoted by the team— but when will this come into play (thinking back to the Roam price introduction and upheaval) and what will it include?

2. Opening the Gates

To be sustainable and have a future, Tana needs to open the doors to more users — there has been no indication as to when this might happen but I hope it will be sooner rather than later to avoid the team missing the momentum.

Think back to the Clubhouse app / BlueSky — not sure what these are, then you are not alone. They kept the doors closed for too long, missed their opportunity and died a sad death.

Hopefully Tana has something up their sleeve to ensure this does not happen to them. Of course, the limited access could be due to scalability (discussed below), but still, sometimes it is better to release than miss the boat while trying to perfect something.

3. Usage Metrics

Although we know that Tana has something like 17k users as part of the Slack channel, this means nothing in terms of people actually using Tana. It would therefore be…



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