Tana Weekly 2023–07–15: Tana Updates, Trip Planning, Language Learning, Hints and Tips, Mini Routine, Pillars of Life, Media Tracking and much more

Ed Nico
6 min readJul 15

Hi Everyone,

The summer holidays are well and truly upon us, as is notable from the various Tana Team members being on a well-deserved vacation. This, though, has not stopped the great quality content produced by the amazing users.


This past week Tana released the following:


  • Now it’s possible to outdent (Shift+Tab) node from the table view to move it out or, in case of search node, to create a reference in the parent.
  • Using the keyboard to trigger contextual menus handles focus better.
  • Filtering and grouping options should now appear in the original order.
  • More stability is added around rendering tables.
  • Added constraints on moving nodes that have associated data.
  • A fair number of selection-related changes and fixes.
  • To reduce the confusion and lag, we have stopped live searches from running if they are expanded inside of a tag definition.

Bugs squashed 🐞🐛:

  • You should be able to scroll-select nodes now if the list of nodes is longer than the screen.
  • The keyboard navigation flow remains within the date picker when granularity is removed.
  • Clicking a selection of nodes unselects the nodes … better.
  • Fixed bug where pressing enter in the date picker would close the date picker and not set the year.
  • Selecting text using the click and shift combination did not work for nodes in the list view, this is fixed now.
  • We now show filter options even if your data set has no values.
  • A certain situation with sorted nodes resulted in the client crashing. Fixed.
  • Fixed some issues with the field selection, including a selection of checkbox fields.
  • Fixed bug where Untitled was showing up in some cases in the list of options to choose from.
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