Tana Weekly 2023–11–18: Tana Updates, Offline Mode, Tweet Embed and Image Improvements, Queries, Readwise and Tana and much more

Ed Nico
7 min readNov 17, 2023

Hi Everyone,

What an eventful few days, we have President Biden openly calling President Xi Jinping a dictator (when I hear the word dictator, I always picture Howard talking about Sheldon in the Big Bang Theory for its true meaning), George Santos spending campaign month on Botox and OnlyFans, David Cameron making a stunning (or not) comeback in UK politics and lastly Snoop Dogg announcing that he is quitting smoking followed by Sam Altman leaving / being ousted at OpenAI…whatever next in this crazy old world.

With that round-up out of the way, why don’t we get cracking on what is important:


This week, we had an impromptu release on Tuesday with a new view — Side Menu View. This allows you to see your nodes with different structure like the below:

For the full list of recent releases, see below:

Tana Weekly

Sneak Peak of New Layout

Brage, or Mr. Redacted as I like to call him (amongst other explicatives that cannot be said out loud — just kidding ;), seems to have gotten lost in his own web of redactedness when he kindly posted an image of an upcoming feature:

This seems to be a new view with a split of tasks and calendar — seems to be a perfect fit and cannot wait for this to be released.

Offline Mode Coming???

In my daily wandering of Slack, I came across a very interesting comment from one of the Tana Team…



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