Tana Weekly 2023–11–25: Tana Updates, Pricing, Australia Meet-up, Showcases, Reviews, Quotes, Trip Planning and much more

Ed Nico
7 min readNov 25, 2023

Hi Everyone,

What a quick week. Feels like only yesterday that I was publishing the latest version of Tana Weekly, especially after all the will they, won’t they, saga at OpenAI in the past week. I am sure it will all come down to that it was pre-fabricated and they are all lathered up in baby oil, jumping in a pool of $100 bills to see how much sticks on them and towel-whipping each other in laughter, but there we go, that’s just my cynicism coming through. I feel like the internet has corrupted me and made me question everything. Ahh the good old days of receiving a link on MSN to the person who dug through the earth to reach the other side and not having to question its authenticity.

Anyway, what is certainly not in question is the great Tana content from the past week.


This week, we had an impromptu release of Dates and Calendar nodes.

We want to make it easier for you to actually use the week/year nodes to take notes on. If you have a default day tag set up, opening the configuration of that day tag will prompt you to upgrade your setup. Or you can run the command “Convert old calendar setup”. Right-click on the bullet on any calendar node let’s you create a default tag if you don’t have one set already. The main change is that new nodes in the week/year nodes will no longer have default tags attached. We’ve also hidden the calendar node children under a collapsed header, to make it easier to focus on the content of your year/week nodes (“Goals for this week, Reflections about this week” etc).

The above is in preparation for a larger visual overhaul which will be coming.

For the full list of recent releases, see below:

Tana Weekly

Pricing and Workspaces

OP asks: I have been checking out the Tana pricing https://tana.inc/pages/pricing.

I wonder if this pricing would allow for multiple workspaces? Or would there be workspace limitations?



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