Tana Weekly 2023–12–03: Tana Updates, Logseq to Tana, Meeting Notes, Toolbox and Systematic You, Monthly Review, Christmas wishes and more

Ed Nico
6 min readDec 3, 2023

Hi Everyone,

The usual Saturday post has moved to Sunday to mix things up a little and keep everyone on their toes. I will preface this by saying Unpopular Opinion, but this week, we have COP 28 in my neck of the woods, and although I am all for climate change, I am surprised at the audacity of prominent people in power continuously pushing for an immediate end to fossil fuels without actually thinking.

  1. They all arrived on planes (burning fossil fuels as SAF is not there yet).
  2. Renewable electricity is nowhere near where it must be worldwide to end fossil fuels.
  3. A significant proportion of their GDP comes from taxes and levies on fossil fuel products (i.e. fuel levy).
  4. To electrify the world, we need Rare Earth Materials along with Copper, Lithium, Cobalt, etc. How do these people think these materials come out of the ground?
  5. Where do these people think plastic (used in just about everything) comes from?

Crazy! What they should really be saying is, let’s (re)integrate Nuclear power into the mix, and then yes, we can really change quickly. More on why in a next publication.

Anyway, with that Sunday morning rant out of the way, let’s move to more pleasant things like what happened in Tana’s World this week.


This week, we had an impromptu release of a redesign of images in Tana.

Today we’re launching a redesign of images in Tana. They are now big and beautiful the way you’d expect them. Paste, drag and drop or click the little + and choose new image to upload an image. You can still name them, add tags, and even indent children — but you don’t need to

If you view a list of images as a table, you can drag to resize the column to view them smaller. If you have an old node with an image that you’d rather indent below, cmd+k Move image to child and convert to plain node.

We’ve had support for AI generation of images for a while, but for those of you with AI turned on, we just added a much



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