Tana Weekly 2023–12–09: Tana Updates, Annual Review, AMA, Courses Hub, Taka Keys, One vs Multiple workspaces and much more

Ed Nico
5 min readDec 8, 2023

Hi Everyone,

This week, the intro is nice and brief as my better half and I have an event which will for sure involve getting sun burnt, eating too much, a lot of standing and watching some boats race in the very far distance.

So, with the vision set aside, let’s get right into Tana Weekly as the Devs had an Ask Me Anything (AMA), which included a lot of future plans / aims as well as some retrospect on how 2023 went.


As usual, you can find the latest release notes below or in-app.


Tana Weekly

Tana AMA

Some of the Tana team and Ambassadors participated in a livestream to discuss Annual Reviews in Tana.

Firstly we had ambassadors @Andrea (Tana Nodes), @Fis Fraga (Felipe) and @R.J. Nestor where each talked through their annual review ideas and showcased their workflows.

Next up was the main event, an AMA with the Tana team. This session was a catch-up and reflection on 2023 and what is ahead next year.


Definitely worth the watch as lots of great things are coming up (including mobile — being tested, offline mode, and a rework of the backend to…



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