LogseqTimes 2023–08–17: Logseq 0.9.14 Update, Logo Contest Results, DB Mode, Properties, Formatting, New and Updated Plugins and Themes and much more

Ed Nico
8 min readAug 19, 2023

Hi Everyone,

With schools starting to dust off the desks and books as children return, the summer weather slowly simmering down (sorry for the UK folks, it seems the summer came and went without anyone noticing), bathing suits being offered at a discount, and the days starting to shorten (for some), it is high time that Logseq Times makes a post-summer vacation return.

With all this summer-ending talk, luckily, Logseq has plenty in store for us to keep us sane. So let’s get to it.

Logseq 0.9.14 Release

This release includes a couple of very interesting updates like enhancements to the sidebars, whiteboard pressure support and more. You can download the desktop and Android app here.


  • Left and Right sidebar enhancements
  • Whiteboards drawing pen pressure support
  • PDF Viewer: support shift + enter to pick the previous searching results highlight
  • Polish UI details of the Zotero search component
  • I18n: French, Japanese

Fixed issues

  • Add sub-pixel anti-aliasing for Electron
  • Add drag threshold for graph view
  • Display of embedded drawing
  • Sometimes template expansion inserts an additional slash
  • PDF Viewer: highlighted text layer is overlaid by the PDF.js built-in annotation layer
  • Rendering error caused by an empty string of whiteboards in the right sidebar

Logseq Logo Rebrand Ideas Contest — Finalised

The Logseq Logo rebrand ideas contest concluded with the top 3 being selected from a public vote. The winning designs were:

The Logseq team will now work their magic to develop a new logo. For full details on the contest, please click here.

Looking forward to seeing what will be created and used.

Work on the Database Model Continues

The devs have added another completed check mark to the DB version of Logseq. Milestone 3 of 6…



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