Tana Weekly 2023–12–16: Tana Updates, Annual Review, Formulas, Tana clicked, Tana Commands and AI, Why Tana, Data Calculations and more

Ed Nico
4 min readDec 16, 2023

Hi Everyone,

With only about 10 more days to Christmas, I am sure we all have the turkey and spuds sorted out, the presents are bought (or at least we know what you need to buy) and we can put our feet up with a nice mulled wine. Now, in reality, I am sure we all left it to the last minute and are having to rush around shopping malls to find the last turkey in the market. And even after reading this, we will still do nothing until next week.

In all the rushing, hopefully, you have a few minutes spare to read this week’s Tana Weekly, which is filled with amazing content from the community.


We had a surprise release this week with Headings, which improves how you work with long-form text in Tana, and Better Node Selection, which is a step-change in clarity when working with nodes.

Twitter seems to be playing up, so you can use this alternative Reddit link for a breakdown.

As usual, you can find the latest release notes below or in-app.

Tana Weekly

A really simple Yearly Review with Tana + Template!

Cortexfutura posts a great video on doing a simple yearly review and even includes the template. Check it out here:

Formulas in Tana

Winston posts a great notion-like formula workaround in Tana:

While hoping Tana does come up with a notion-like formula that works natively to tana (support the upvote of the feature here), I decided, with my basic coding skills, to write some makeshift prototype code to use notion-like formulas in Tana.



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